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Not All Zeolites Are Equal

Because of the outstanding information available on the Internet and the overwhelming success of the Waiora product Natural Cellular Defense, a number of *knock-offs* have been springing up. It seems that these knockoffs are content to slap the Zeolite name on their bottle and grab the profits, regardless of customer safety.

However, the wrong zeolite, prepared incorrectly can also cause harm. I strongly recommend you purchase your Liquid Zeolite through the links below or from my Waiora site to ensure you are getting the highest quality manufacturing process which cleanses, activates and micronizes the zeolites for maximum absorption.

You may also simply email your phone number and a good time to contact you or phone 740.392.8883 and we can talk about how to get you started safely and securely.

We can deliver anywhere in the world.

If you live in the following countries, you can order Liquid Zeolite by clicking one of the buy buttons below. An option to join the Wholesale plan is also available there.

USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

Don't live in one of those areas? Call or email us using the links/phone number above.

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Natural Cellular Defense
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Natural Cellular Defense
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Item: 26012
Natural Cellular Defense
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Natural Cellular Defense
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Item: 6000
Natural Cellular Defense
(40 mL Glass bottle)
Item: 6010

In our opinion, this is the most exciting advance in this area in the last 20 years. When we say it is the most important supplement you will ever take, we mean it. Once you get rid of toxins and heavy metals, all your supplements, diets and herbs will work more effectively. It is just plain simple logic!

So take action today. Call Denis and Carol at 740.392.8883 or drop me an email with your phone number and we will call you and help get you started. After taking this product for a month, you will be feeling fantastic and those around you will notice the difference. Join the thousands of people experiencing these results right now!

Denis & Carol
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PS: As a thank you for reviewing the zeolite information, here is a special page we put together just for you...5 Simple Steps to Detoxing With Zeolite