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5 Simple Steps to Detoxing With Zeolite


Order a minimum of 1 month supply of activated liquid. The amount of zeolite you need to take will depend on the specific issue you are dealing with. We recommend at least 3 bottles.

If you have a lot of toxins in your body then its very common to double or in some cases triple the normal recommended dosage. You cannot overdose on zeolite because its all natural and any traces of the mineral will be completely flushed out of your system within 6-7 hours.

When deciding how much zeolite to purchase remember the 1st bottle will be consumed very quickly during the initial cleansing phase. (about 10 days) All other bottles will last approximately 2-3 weeks using the normal dosage. Children and pets should start with a significantly smaller amount 1-3 drops three times a day and provide constant supervision at first. We also recommend getting a hair or urine analysis before you start taking the zeolites. That way you will have total proof that the zeolites are working when, after using them for a few months, you get another test.

When you get your zeolite, set a schedule to take the zeolite regularly 3 times a day (minimum). Zeolite only stays in your body 6-7 hours, so a morning, noon and night schedule works great. You can take it on your tongue, right out of the bottle or mix in a beverage, either hot or cold. Zeolite is almost tasteless and there are little or no side effects. If you do get a slight headache or flu like symptoms, you just need to drink more fluids.

Make sure you drink plenty of water and liquids. A minimum of 8-10 glasses a day would be best. As with any detox, you may feel dehydrated. Just drink more water. If you notice a slight metallic taste, that just means the zeolites are working.

Make sure you keep using the zeolites for several months. Most toxins are removed from your body within a month, but it may take several to get really toxin free. These toxins didn’t get in your body overnight and they won’t leave willingly.

We live in a toxic world that is getting worse and worse. We highly recommend that you continue using the minimum dosage to keep toxins at bay. We also recommend that you try to quit putting toxins in your body. Eat organic, toxin free, hormone free food when possible. Drink pure pH balanced and filtered water, and remember that you absorb 10 times the amount of toxins from a typical shower than you drink all day. Use only toxin free household products and stop using herbicides and pesticides. I know this sounds hard and even expensive, but the money you save on your health expenses will more than make up for it. The healthy, vibrant life that can be yours is worth the effort.

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In our opinion, this is the most exciting advance in this area in the last 20 years. When we say it is the most important supplement you will ever take, we mean it. Once you get rid of toxins and heavy metals, all your supplements, diets and herbs will work more effectively. It is just plain simple logic!

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