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Get "The Truth About Zeolite" Branded With Your Waiora Links

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A little hazy on where to start when promoting your Waiora business and products?

I put together a report which I use as an free offer to folks on places like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, HubPages, Squidoo, Wowzza and others. I send them to a capture page I created just for this purpose. By providing value and content, I am introduced to my target market, people looking for information on Waiora's Natural Cellular Defense product (or more accurately, the results from using that product).

But, when you are just starting out, it's a little hard to know where to begin.

That's why I made it easy for you. I have already written the report. It already contains valuable information on liquid zeolites and it's uses. It also contains links to order the product that can be branded with your Waiora ID, so when they buy, they are buying from you.

Simply give the report away.

Place it on your blog as a freebie, send it via email to people interested in the results possible with NCD, use it as a *bribe* to get their name and email address for future follow up, place a link to the free report in your signature line of the forums or newsgroups you post to.

The possibilities are as rich and varied as your imagination.

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Click the Buy Now button to purchase the branded version of the report. Once you have completed that process, I will send you information on where to download your version and how to brand it.

Go ahead, click the Buy Now button and get started.